A Do-It-Yourself Marriage Makeover Formula!

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If you want a stronger happier more passionate marriage you have found a great place to start!  This step-by-step mini course provides detailed learning experiences to help you grow the basics of a strong enjoyable life long relationship.  The Marriage Makeover Formula (starter version) is a powerful relationship how to guide that can assist you in making a good marriage awesome or a struggling one happy, even if your spouse doesn’t read it or want to talk about it!  I know, it is difficult to fully commit to doing something different so here are a few thoughts that just might make it easier.

  • You have already made the life long commitment….how bad can 6 weeks really be?
  • Following this plan will only cost you some time and effort.  Isn’t your happiness and your spouse’s worth that?
  • If it doesn’t work….you’ll just be in the same situation you are in now…is that too much to lose?
  • If you invite God into your efforts, you’ll have extra support and power to develop a spiritually unified joyful marriage!
  • You can work through this course without your spouse joining you, but the results could inspire them to join you later!
  • In just 6 weeks, you and your spouse could be smiling more and maybe even feel like celebrating the gift of your life together!

Want to get started?  Just click here Start The Plan Today! or use the menu bar above and take the first step toward a growing positive relationship!

Still not sure you want to take the challenge?  The Marriage How To Blog has articles on many marriage topics to illuminate, inspire and generally help you toward an awesome twosome!  Click Marriage How To Blog to start reading.

Disclaimer: While this plan offers excellent general skills training and practice to form a strong foundation for a successful and enjoyable marriage, this plan is not designed to replace or substitute for professional individualized marriage therapy.